When the new Zoggs thermal swimsuit came in last week, I was keen to get out in the lake to test it. Armed with the Zoggs Sea Change thermal suit I set off to High Dam in Finsthwaite. The water temperature was ideal at 5 degrees to test the comfort and warmth of the swimsuit.

Zoggs Thermal Swimsuit Review - Jan Smile

At first, I tried the thermal swimsuit under my Zone 3 wetsuit. Usually in temperatures between 3 and 6 degrees and at this time of year, I would wear a thermal top under my wetsuit to keep me warmer in the water for longer. I was really pleased with how warm the thermal swimsuit kept me for my 30-minute swim, I felt comfortable in the water and felt no chill.

I’m not normally a ‘just swimsuit swimmer’ but I was keen to try it. All the Zoggs thermal swimming costumes had caught my eye when they first came into the shop as they are so bright and cheerful to look at. I chose the Zoggs Sea Change as I loved the colours and the style of the costume. If you need more support in the chest area, then the Zoggs Flourish Pink would be ideal.

With a standard costume, I would probably only last a few minutes at a temperature of 5 degrees. However, the thermal reflective lining on the Zoggs Sea Change allowed me to swim for longer. I had a comfortable swim of 10 minutes

Zoggs Thermal Swimsuit Review Final Thoughts

I would recommend coming and trying one of the range of Zoggs Thermal costumes we have in our shop at Swim the Lakes in Ambleside. The Sea Change cozzie was a great fit, with eye-catching colours, and very comfy to wear.

A Zoggs thermal costume would be a super addition to your swimsuit collection for winter and early spring swims in the outdoors, with or without a wetsuit. This thermal cossie would also be ideal to wear in an indoor pool if the water feels a bit chilly or you are doing more socialising than swimming!

If you are swimming in cooler temperatures, please listen to your body and do not stay in too long. As soon as you get cold, stop and get changed into warm clothing.

Additional gear to help you get the most out of your swim:

  • Warm gloves – 3mm. I love my Zone 3 Heat Tech Thermal Gloves
  • Warm socks – 2.5-5mm. I would always put on toasty Rooster Swim Socks
  • Swimzi Bobble Hat. We have a range of different colours on our website. Check out the range
  • here: Swimzi Super Bobbles.
  • Puffin Billy Dry Bag tow-float.  This is an essential piece of kit for outdoor swimming as not only will it make you more visible in the water, it can help to keep you safer. The drybag tow floats are ideal to carry and keep safe and dry all essential items. See the range here: Puffin Tow Floats
  • A SnugBud hot water bottle is brilliant for after-swim warmth along with the standard hot chocolate!

I hope you have found this review on Zoggs Thermal Costumes useful and look forward to meeting you all in person at Swim the Lakes very soon.

Jan x