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5 key points on Blue Green Algae for Swimmers

//5 key points on Blue Green Algae for Swimmers

5 key points on Blue Green Algae for Swimmers

In the hot weather you might be hearing reports of Blue Green Algae and be wondering how this will affect you. Here a five key points to take away.

1.Blanket warnings may be issued for an entire lake, even though only a small area of that lake may be affected. Use your common sense and seek out clear areas for swimming, or choose another lake… we have lots of lakes, rivers and tarns that are not affected.

2. Keep babies, toddlers and family pets out of the water if it looks even vaguely suspect.

3. Algae – you can’t tell if it’s toxic, if it looks and smells nasty, go and swim somewhere else and report it to the Environment agency on their 24 hour hotline: 0800 80 70 60. If in doubt, stay out.

4. During windy weather upwind shorelines are often free of blooms, whereas downwind shores can suffer from concentrated algal blooms due to the action of the wind blowing the blooms downwind. Avoid these areas when warnings are in place.

5. If you think you may have swam through a toxic algal bloom, wash yourself off in fresh water as soon as you can and see your doctor immediately if you show any of the more serious symptoms mentioned here.

Taken from the full article Blue Green Algae and Swimming by Pete Kelly

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