Imagine it’s a rainy day in the Lakes (difficult, but stay with me),  you need a quick walk to get your fix and stretch your legs. How about a short uphill walk from an alpine-like reservoir, following water falls to a serene tarn with views of classic Lake District fells?

Sounds like something you might be interested in eh? Then walk this way.

The walk starts at the southern tip of Thirlmere, turn off the A591 towards Wythburn and park in Dob Gill Car park. Follow the path up through the woods and alongside the babbling Dob Gill.

Dob Gill Waterfall, Lake District

After soaking up the damp woodland smell and the shapes of the fallen trees, emerge out onto a hanging valley where a rather serene Harrop Tarn is just there, minding its own business.

Harrop Tarn outflow, Lake District

Explore the lovely tarn, have a dip (brrr), explore its beaches and the woods around.
Don’t forget to turn and look behind you to the east at the classic pikes of Nethermost and Dollywaggon.

Harrop Tarn, Lake District

After a sandwich or perhaps a fish, scamper back down with a smile and a quick fix of Lakeland.

Job done. 1K max OS Map Explorer OL5.


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