I tried some neoprene swim socks a couple of years ago, it wasn’t very successful, they eventually flipped off my feet and a I lost them in Windermere (not good), to be fair they were probably more suitable for kayaking or similar water activities, rather than as swimming socks.

BlueSeventy Neoprene Swim socks

I didn’t rush out looking for another pair of swim socks, I hadn’t particularly missed them, until that is I discovered the Blue Seventy socks, as they say you don’t know what you are missing until to try it.

They come in 2 sizes small/ med and large and going with the idea that the tighter the better I went for small with my size 7 feet.  Perfect! A nice snug fit, comfortable thin neoprene, thin enough to still feel the water, yet with a grippy ‘composite’ sole, that’s not a ‘chunky sole’ as such, so its doesn’t feel like it would cause drag and slow you down.

They hug my ankle and calf and are long enough to reach under the bottom of my wetsuit legs at the bottom of my calf. (They are approx 14cm tall)  I could not feel any drag to my stroke just simply my feet were warm which, I felt, seemed to make my whole-self a bit warmer.

swimming sock at rydal


The Blueseventy swim socks are fab, they are my new must have open water swimming accessory , so  I can finally stop going on about the hooded changing towel now 🙂 .
That’s the socks sorted! Now, to test some swimming gloves.

Andrea Tucker


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