Many Thanks for your kind support, we have received over a hundred emails and expressions of interest. We are unable to reply to each individually but please be assured we do have your messages.

We are talking with a couple of other similar groups and individuals who may be able to help us.

The £20 – 30,000  would be only the beginning, there is a monthly inspection (currently done voluntarily) and a yearly maintenance cost of £1000 and we have been informed by what we believe to be a reliable source about the state of disrepair of the retaining wall and the necessary repairs which will soon be vital. The repairs will need helicopters and therefore more expenditure to fly in materials.

We have been told the National Trust turned down the offer to buy Stickle Tarn,  though this has not been confirmed by the National Trust.

There is of-course the argument that this tarn and other pockets of land the LDNP are selling already belong to the nation.

Please take time to have a look and sign this petition: Stop the sale of national park sites

For further information please see our earlier article: Stickle Tarn for Sale

Thank you