Robson Green with Head to the Hills, WindermereIt was the end of a long day fitting people in rubber on the edge of Windermere…. well neoprene really and super flexible neoprene at that!.

We ran a series of wetsuit try-on events throughout the spring providing a great opportunity for open water swimmers to come along and get the right fitting wetsuit and test it in the water. These are full on days and it was at the end our last tri-on event of the season on Saturday, just as we had loaded everything into the van, that we turned around to see Robson Green hurrying across the grass….

Robson Green was instantly recognisable, it’s quite strange feeling like you know someone that you have never met.

Are you the guy’s with the 2xu wetsuits?
Whey aye, man!’ exclaimed Pete, a Geordie too, so its excusable.

Robson Green found national fame in the drama Solider Soilder and Wire in the Blood, more recently he presented ‘Robson Green’s Wild Swimming Adventure‘ where he ventures on a wild swimming journey around Britain starting close to home in the River Tyne.

I’ve always been drawn to water. Maybe it’s all the fun it’s given me, all the adventures. Perhaps it’s how I feel when I’m in it – I feel free.” Robson says on his website.

Apart from the Tyne, he also swam in lidos, lakes and rivers for the programme, until his ultimate goal of swimming to Holy Island off the North East Coast. Throughout the programme Robson is pictured in a 2XU V1 wetsuit, so we already know he has good taste.

Back to Windermere, where he has a holiday home and Robson was looking for a wetsuit for his sister and her husband who were with him on holiday. Sadly, we explained, we had packed everything away and the event was over; well we were tired.

Then luckily, we quickly came to our senses, and howked (its a Geordie term) everything back out of the van. Robson’s sister and husband were real canny people, they didn’t want to test the wetsuits by swimming in them, they were happy to go with our impromptu fitting service around the back of the van. In no time they were encapsulated in 2 fabulous 2xu T2 wetsuits and Robson was getting his credit card out. Ahh we love happy endings.

Robson Green was very pleasant, as were his sister and brother -in-law, they kindly indulged us in a photo and Pete in his chatting about ‘Extreme Fishing‘, which is Robson’s’ latest T.V project. Personally I hope to see more of Robson swimming and less fish, especially while I’m wild swimming.
Andrea Tucker 🙂

Robson Green, Windermere Wild Swimming

Claire, Andrea and Pete with Wild Swimming Robson Green

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