In this article we hope to provide you with all the information you need to help you to choose the right size of swim glove for you. It is based on our extensive experience at our Ambleside shop in fitting our customers with neoprene gloves for swimming. Before we go into the different models we stock, let’s talk about general fit first.

A neoprene swimming glove should feel very snug when it is on and before it gets wet – remember when neoprene gets wet, it expands slightly. If the glove just slips on and feels like a normal glove would, then it is probably too big.

Our Outdoor Swimming Gloves Range

We have 5 different models of swim glove and all of them are intended for cold water swimming, although they differ significantly in their design and construction:

  1. C-Skins Wired 3mm Swim Glove – a warm, seam taped glove and an excellent allrounder. A good winter glove made with great attention to detail.
  2. C-Skins Wired 2mm Swim Glove – a warm, seam taped glove and an excellent allrounder. A good winter glove made with great attention to detail, not as warm as the 3mm, but slightly better dexterity.
  3. Zone 3 Neoprene Heat Tech Warm Swim Glove – a warm, seam taped 3mm glove with a slightly more extended neoprene cuff, a ‘seal’ at the wrist, and a Velcro fastening. A good winter glove with great wrist coverage.
  4. Zone 3 Neoprene Swim Glove – a particularly good value for money 2mm glove with extended Lycra cuff and Velcro fastening. A good glove for early spring and autumn swimming.
  5. Blueseventy Thermal Swim Glove – a thin 1mm glove with silvered inner, quite thermally efficient for its thickness and gives excellent dexterity and takes the sting out of cold water. A good glove for early summer and autumn swimming and for maintaining dexterity.

C-Skins Wired Swim Glove Sizing

Below is the C-Skins swim glove size chart: we feel that it is reasonably accurate for most sizes, but from experience find that most swimmers get a better fit by selecting a size down from the size indicated on the chart.

C Skins Swim Glove Size Chart

In very general terms, the average size for ladies is XS and for those with petite hands, the 2XS and possibly the 3XS sizes work best. The average size for gentlemen is S, going up to L for those with true shovel-sized hands! If you have particularly slim hands with long fingers, then you might not get an ideal fit.

In this instance it would be better to go off palm width and compromise on finger length, we think that this is a worthwhile compromise for warm hands. The fit in the water often improves significantly as the neoprene stretches.

Hand Measurement for Swim Gloves

Zone 3 Swim Glove Sizing

Zone 3 Swim Gloves are correct in size, Please measure your hands using the chart and choose the correct size.

The Wrist seal on the Zone3 Heat-Tech, which is designed to reduce water ingress, means you do have to push your hands in past it, it can feel quite snug but once your hand is through this the gloves open out and the seal can do its job. A top tip for the Heat-Tech gloves is to stretch the wrist seal first before wearing, just like you might do with a ballon.
Snug is good with neoprene and water.

Zone 3 Swim Glove Size Chart

BlueSeventy Swim Glove Sizing

The Blueseventy swim glove sizing is made quite simple by the fact that there are only two sizes to choose from, Small or Large. Small fits approximate palm circumferences of 18-23cm and Large fit circumferences of 24-27cm. Please note that Blueseventy use “Circumference” here and not “Width”.

If your palm circumference is smaller than 18cm then you might want to try a different style of glove e.g. C-Skins,  as they may not insulate your hands sufficiently to keep them warm. For people with palm circumferences over 27cm please note that there is a fair bit of stretch in these gloves, so perhaps it could stretch to 28cms, but again we would suggest you choose a different model of gloves with a larger range of sizes.

Whichever swim glove you choose we hope they add to your swimming experience and allow you to stay in the water doing what you love, for longer. Some of you may not like the lack of feel for the water that wearing gloves brings, but we hope that this is compensated for by having warm hands! If you are wearing a wetsuit, remember to tuck the gloves under the wetsuit cuffs for best glove performance.

Happy Swimming,

The Swim the Lakes Team

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