Pete and TomOur news piece last Friday (1st April) re The Great Naked Swim Challenge was, as many of you guessed, an April fool, Thank you for all for your interest and support.

We didn’t get any takers which means either the idea of swimming naked across Windermere doesn’t appeal to anyone (although I’m sure it secretly does) or it was obviously a joke.

Thanks to Tom Noblett from The Langdale Chase, Cumbria Crack and Lakeland Radio for being such good sports.

If you would like to join us for a swim then things we do for real include; Adventures Swimming Breaks such as the Utterly Buttermere and the Wastwater Deep Clean;  fabulous day adventure swims including The Swim to Devils Chimney and who could resist and short wild swims perfect for everyone including Down the River Without a Paddle.

We are passionate about introducing as many swimmers to open water swimming as safely as possible, if you want to get started check out our very popular introduction to open water swimming course.

Huge Thanks  to Eileen at Cumbria PR – what a lady 🙂