Last weekend saw the first Introduction to Open Water Swimming course for the 2013 season.
On the previous Monday the water was a balmy 13 oC, it was a sunny week and everything was looking like roses
Ah! May in the Lake District you cannot beat it.

introduction to open water swimming in the Lake District

On Friday night it rained and rained and the Lake, topped-up with cool water, dropped a couple of degrees. Brrr

Saturday and Sunday the day of our first Introduction to Open Water Swimming courses for 2013,  they were both a wee bit grisly, but this did not deter our hardy swimmers, we had full courses and big smiles all weekend.

Bursting with apprehension or nervous excitement (it’s hard to tell sometimes), our swimmers who were new to open water took the plunge.

Everyone had their own reasons to ‘do ‘ open water; whether it was to accompany their mum, a New Years pact with a friend, preparation for the Great North Swim or their first triathlon.

The reasons may differ but the result is the same, you just want to get your toes safely in the open water, build your confidence and learn something new about how it feels and how to swim in, for what is for most people, an ‘alien’ environment.


introduction to open water swimming

‘Open water swimming is so different to the pool’, this is the most frequent comment of the weekend. But it is so exhilarating too. As each swimmer wins their own internal battles, the smiles start to spread and everyone relaxes into the stunning arena that is the surrounding fells.

Time to get out and we’re all back in the Glen Rothay Hotel bar for ‘tea and medals’, where the excited chatter turns to the ‘next time’.

One swimmers elated swimmers feedback…

‘brilliant day today now sitting in front of fire with a cold beer. Many thanks Pete, Andrea and Claire hope to see you again. Warm! regards, Harold’

The Lake District is the perfect location for open water swimming, we are truly spoilt. Join us on our next Introduction to open water swimming course.


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