Switch the lights off and everything is more exciting isn’t it? Add swimming in a remote tarn, a moonlit mountain backdrop or even a twinkling lakeside town and you have something really special, Night Swimming in the Lake District.

Waterhead by moonlight

I remember when we first started night swimming as a way of prolonging our weekly evening swims when the autumn colours started to glow and the nights draw in. I was thrilled at the sensual pleasure of it all; the way the starlight plays on the water, the way you seem to feel the water more than ever and the way your familiar, safe little swimming spot can turn into something approaching epic or serene depending on the weather and location.

I like the way people sometimes jump if you accidentally catch their leg (never on purpose of course…) as well as the way you sometimes have to drag some people kicking and screaming to get in and try it, but then no-one ever wants to get out until they are lured by a flickering fire on shore and the very necessary tea & cake with hip-flask chaser.

Swimmers at Gale Naze

When I think of swimming as part of my way of life, which it is, I always think of swimming at night, as its purpose is purely for pleasure, often shared with the warm and lovely people that are our fellow swimmers.

The purpose is not training, or competition but just doing it for the love of swimming and just as importantly to me, the love of the water and the surroundings themselves. I’ve had some of my closest encounters with otters, herons and deer while taking a quite dip alone at dusk, almost coming face to face with a very startled otter on one occasion.

We are very lucky to be based at the heart of the Lake District with some of the best places to swim right on our doorstep. One good thing about night swimming though is that it can transform even the most mundane body of water into a place of adventure.

Take a look at How to Go Lake Swimming in the Dark and then why not give it a go?

Go on, come on in… the waters lovely…


Warming around the campfire


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