The Westmorland Gazette continued their report this week (25-4/14) on the proposed on street parking charges in Ambleside, where hundreds of people have signed petitions opposing the plans.

An online petition created by Lakes county councillor Heidi Halliday, attracted more than 500 signatures in one week, The Spar has also gathered hundreds on a petition at its Compston Road site, Head to the Hills also created a petition on the Cumbria County Councils e-petition facility.

The county council are all set to rubber stamp the plans to introduce on street parking on ten roads in Ambleside, without the community or visitors having much awareness of the issue.

This decision not only affects Ambleside but those living in areas like Rydal, Grasmere and Langdale who come to Ambleside to access services and shops. Locals and visitors alike faced with a choice of paying on-street parking to ‘pop to the shops’ will no doubt nip round to the planned Sainsbury’s instead and park for free, drawing customers and the community away from the centre.

I truly believe we should be protecting our Lakeland town its heritage and its brand before it turns into another look-a-like town with no distinction, made up of parking meters, high street chains and superstores.

You can sign the e-petition on the Cumbria County Council’s website (now closed), or copy and paste the link below into your browser.

Andrea Tucker


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