Outdoor activities such as open water swimming can provide coping strategies and well-being in other areas of life a study reveals.

Researchers at Bangor University are looking into the positive effects that playing outside may have on you and your self-esteem.
The study aims to find out just how taking part in outdoor activities affects our self esteem and psychological well-being in other areas of our life.

The researchers argue that when taking part in an outdoor activity with some perceived risk it raises emotions that need to be controlled in order to complete the task. If individuals are forced to deal with these emotions, such as fear, in outdoor activities this helps them cope with similar situations in real-life.
We learn to control and cope with our emotions which then benefits everyday functioning. Low risk sports or indoor activities just don’t seem to cut the same mustard.

Brathay Wild Swimming

Open Water Swimming and coping strategies for life.

One of the areas the current study is looking at is open water swimming. Swimming outdoors requires individuals to respond to an ever-changing environment such as currents, unknown depths, wind and waves and weather and this is not needed when swimming indoors. It’s thought the need to cope with the stresses of open water allows the swimmer to develop effective coping strategies for everyday life.

So it appears it could be made official, Open Water Swimming increases self esteem and well-being.

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How has open water swimming benefited your life?


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