The Thermal Helix is based on blue seventy’s top wetsuit, the Helix. It has all of the major design features of the Helix, a suit that is regarded to be one of the best wetsuits around. It has the 5-5-4 mm construction (5 mm neoprene in the chest and torso, 4 mm in the legs) to promote a ‘downhill’ swimming position, ultra-stretch shoulder panels, and lots of super design features for fit and performance.

The best wetsuit with a super warm thermal lining.

The suit’s warmth comes not only from its excellent close fit but from the added full coverage orange zirconium jersey liner which reduces water absorption and protects against heat loss.
The liner is lightweight, quick drying and truly flexible for a full-range of motion,

 helix zirconium jersey liner

There’s no waiting for the season to start.

If you want to get in early season or swim right through the season this wetsuit is for you.
This is great for beginners or less experienced swimmers, because the added buoyancy helps you keep your hips and legs up.
Experienced swimmers and triathletes will love the Thermal Helix too, as its body-mapped it hugs the body so well and feels fast.

You’ll have no temperature issues with the Thermal Helix, especially when combined with BlueSeventy’s other great products like their thermal swim cap, and warm socks & gloves.

Update: Thermal Helix has been replaced by the Thermal Reaction – WE DON’T STOCK THIS AND WOULD RECOMMEND THE REACTION WETSUIT.

Blueseventy Reaction Wetsuit

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