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  • Waterproof Phone case
    A waterproof phone case to keep your calls, social media apps and camera from going soggy. Perfect for storing your phone, keys or bank cards at the lake, beach or river, whether surfing, swimming, canoeing or sunbathing.  Use it in your drybag tow float for extra waterproof security for your phone and other electronics.
  • Swim secure bum bag black and orange swim secure bum bag orange
    The Swim Secure Bum Bag for swimmers is useful if you want to take small items with you whilst swimming. The bum bag consist of a waist strap and a triple seal pocket.
  • Dryrobe Compression Travel Bag
    The Dryrobe compression travel bag  is the ultimate way to compress your warm changing robe into the smallest size to travel. It makes it easy to pack your dryrobe for any swimming adventure where space is limited including flights and trips.
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    Wild Swim Bag shoulder straps Swim Secure Wild Swim Bag
    The Swim Secure wild swim bag is an inflatable dry bag with shoulder straps, waist and chest straps, which allows you to head off for a walk or run with your kit in the bag then, when ready simply remove the shoulder and chest straps and swim off using your bag as a swim float.
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    Swim Secure Kit Bag

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    A large mesh drawstring kit bag. Use it for your swimming pool training gear such as fins, float etc or for your open water swim kit such as your wetsuit or changing robe. Dimensions: Width: 48cm x Height: 65cm
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