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open water swimming accessories

  • Rydal Water Sew-on swim badge red windermere sew-on swim badge teal
    What a brilliant idea, sew on swim badges of some of The Lake District's most well-known Lakes. Great designs and high-quality finish mean they will look great on your changing robe, towel or bag. A great little memento of your swim, dip and trip in the Lake District.
  • C Skins Legend 4mm Warm sock
    C Skins Neoprene Warm Lined Swimming Socks. If you are looking for seriously warm socks for outdoor swimming look no further. Say goodbye to painfully cold feet and extend your outdoor swimming season right through the autumn and winter. If you want to know what works, look at what our Swim the Lakes swim guides are wearing - they all wear these.
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    CSkins neoprene glove size chart Skins Wired 3mm glove pair
    Made by a UK wetsuit company the C Skins Wired 3mm Neoprene Gloves originate from the world of surfing. Their ethos is to get in the water as much as possible. We like that ethos and apply it to our outdoor swimming and these gloves will help you do just that! Made from flexible 3mm neoprene for extra warmth, the snug long cuffs and liquid rubber sealed seams make them ideal open water swimming gloves. Perfect for any kind of cols water swimming. Please look at our notes on sizing before buying.
  • The Zone3 Neoprene skull cap adds a warm layer of 4mm neoprene to your head, great when you need thermal protection for your head when open water swimming.
  • Zone3 Heat Tech Swim Cap
    The Zone3 Heat Tech Swim Cap takes cold water swimming comfort to another level. The thermal lined, 4mm Yamamoto neoprene cap more than takes care of the warmth and the comfortable, adjustable chin strap delivers the comfort. This is the warmest and most comfortable neoprene swim cap we have ever tried and it is sure to become a swim guide favourite here at Swim the Lakes.
  • man wearing hi-vis orange neoprene cap shows hi-vis orange neoprene swim cap with chin strap
    The Zone3 Hi-Vis Orange Neoprene skull cap adds a warm layer of 4mm neoprene to your head, great when you need thermal protection for your head when open water swimming.
  • Blue Seventy Thermal Swim Socks

    Blue Seventy Thermal Swim Socks Wearing swimming socks for cold water swimming keeps your feet warm during those early season lake swims and protects your feet from rough or rocky surfaces. These thermal swimming socks for adults are made from quality neoprene and are cut for a close fit so that your kick cycle is unaffected and water ingress is kept to a minimum. They have a long length and a 'grip' around the top plus an orange thermal polypropylene lining around the foot area for extra coziness.
  • Blue Seventy Thermal Swim Gloves Winter swimming Glove
    Blue Seventy Thermal Swim Gloves these warm gloves provide a more natural feel of the water, the silvered thin neoprene inner reduces water absorption and maximizes warmth. A longer length cuff helps reduce water entry and increases warmth at the wrists. Great for open water swimming in colder water and can also be worn in foul bike riding weather.
  • BlueSeventy Thermal Headband blueSeventy Thermal Headband
    The BlueSeventy neoprene thermal headband is easy to wear, it protects your ears and forehead and takes the chill off on colder swims.  The Velcro Hook and Loop adjustability means that a great fit is available on a variety of head sizes.
  • Zone3 Adjustable Smoothskin Neoprene Headband The Zone3 neoprene headband is easy to wear and great to take the chill off on colder swims. It doesn’t offer the same warmth as a full neoprene cap but is quick to put on and fits securely under a swim cap without being too obvious. Made from a 2.5mm high-quality Smooth skin neoprene with high stretch inner lining. Hook and Loop adjustability means that a great fit is available on a variety of head sizes.
  • triathletes skin and suit lube tin triathletes skin and suit lube logo
    Leaping Fish Skin & Suit Lube protects the skin from wetsuit chafing and friction, plus the oils and waxes keep your skin supple and moisturised. Use it on any part where the wetsuit and skin are rubbing. You can also apply to areas where the wetsuit is tight,  such as forearms, wrists and calves, to help the wetsuit slide and remove the suit easier.
  • Green Guardian Expedition Light
    The Guardian Expedition safety light is a small package that packs out a lot of light. This waterproof safety and signal light is perfect for increasing your safety in low light conditions for all kinds of activities including swimming, kayaking, running, walking, hiking.
  • Guardian Tag-it green light Showing the 3 colours red, green, white of the tag-it light
    The Guardian Tag-it Clip On Light is a handy compact safety light which is waterproof and visible from all sides for up too 5km in darkness. Ideal for increasing your safety in low light conditions for all kinds of activities including swimming, kayaking, running, walking, hiking.
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    lady and man wearing UYN masks

    UYN Community Face Mask

    Technical, ergonomic, washable and reusable. The UYN Community masks are perfect for everyday usage. Made using Texlyte Nano high-tech fibre, they act as a barrier around the nose and mouth but at the same time facilitate breathing. The UYN Community masks stay firmly in position and never lose their shape. Lightweight, colourful and of course, reusable. The better option for the environment.  
  • C-Skins Neoprene Wetsuit Repair Kit with Black Witch quick drying neoprene adhesive especially formulated for use on wetsuits to repair punctures, nicks, cuts, etc. 
    This handy kit contains pre-cut single cell neoprene wetsuit repair patches and tape along with the glue for wetsuit repairs.
    If you have had a few scrapes in your wetsuit during the open water swimming season then this wetsuit repair kit is for you.
  • Black Witch neoprene glue is a quick drying adhesive suitable for quick repairs of neoprene rips and tears and especially suitable for repairing the neoprene to neoprene seams and edges, where rubber is directly bonded together. The adhesive can also be used on latex wrist and neck seals. Black Witch glue makes the ideal wetsuit repair glue and should be part of your swim kit.
  • surfers skin balm in a tin Surfers skin Balm label
    For all wetsuit wearers including surfers, paddle boarders, open water swimmers and triathletes. Surfers Skin Balm has been designed to offer maximum skin protection for all wetsuit users when in the water for prolonged periods. The balm is a light blend of waxes and offers effective prevention from irritating sore skin, chafing and friction rash. 
  • Swim Eze

    Swim Eze clears trapped ear water. Eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of trapped ear water such as feeling of pressure in the ears, temporary impairment of hearing and painful ear discomfort.
  • Aquasphere aqua stop xp nose clip with case Aquasphere nose clip for swimming
    A soft, comfortable and efficient nose clip from Aqua Sphere. One Size. Soft silicone nose pads for comfort.
  • Flexible clip with soft latex coating. One Size.
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    c Skins neoprene beanie for swimming c skins neoprene beanie for swimming
    The C-Skins 2mm Neoprene Beanie makes a perfect swimming hat for breaststrokers and tarn dippers and is our favourite all-round cold water wild swimming cap. Works just great as a regular winter beanie too.  
  • These swimming ear plugs are suitable for swimmers on all levels, the Soft Silicone ear plugs can be moulded to accommodate different ear sizes and are designed to create a secure tight seal for ear protection for swimming.
  • The BlueSeventy Adjustable Thermal swim Cap keeps your ears and cheeks warm even in silly temperatures and reduces the 'ice cream head' chill dreaded by outdoor swimmers. For effective, year-round swimming a neoprene skull cap is an essential piece of kit, but this thermal version by Blue Seventy is even more effective as they have only gone and lined it with soft zirconium; one of the few materials to help maintain warmth even when wet. Swim for longer and come out smiling!
  • Erol swim with tea tree oil
    Acts like an invisible ear plug. Clinically proven to prevent water trapping in the ears and to protect the ear canals from unhygienic water. Prevents Swimmer's Ear, trapped water and sore itchy and irritated ears.  
  • Blister pack containing a replacement battery for the Guardian Light. 
    Each battery is composed of 2 x CR2032 3V lithium cells shrink-wrapped together for easy installation and changing of modes.     

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