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C Skins

  • C-Skins legend neoprene sock front C-Skins Legend Neoprene socks pair
    C Skins Neoprene Warm Lined Swimming Socks. If you are looking for seriously warm socks for outdoor swimming look no further. Say goodbye to painfully cold feet and extend your outdoor swimming season right through the autumn and winter. If you want to know what works, look at what our Swim the Lakes swim guides are wearing - they all wear these.
  • CSkins Wired 3mm glove CSkins Wired 3mm gloves pair
    Made by a UK wetsuit company the C Skins Wired 3mm Neoprene Gloves originate from the world of surfing. Their ethos is to get in the water as much as possible. We like that ethos and apply it to our outdoor swimming and these gloves will help you do just that! Made from flexible 3mm neoprene for extra warmth, the snug long cuffs and liquid rubber sealed seams make them ideal open water swimming gloves. Perfect for any kind of colds water swimming. Please look at our notes on sizing before buying.
  • Black Witch neoprene glue is a quick drying adhesive suitable for quick repairs of neoprene rips and tears and especially suitable for repairing the neoprene to neoprene seams and edges, where rubber is directly bonded together. The adhesive can also be used on latex wrist and neck seals. Black Witch glue makes the ideal wetsuit repair glue and should be part of your swim kit.
  • CSkins Swim Research 3mm Swim socks
    The Swim Research swim sock is 3mm of quality neoprene with a warm thermal polypropylene lining and a durable nylon sole. for padding in and out of the water. They also have a split-toe which is handy if you wear flip-flops etc.
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    CSkins Swim research swim cap Swim Research Freedom 3mm Neoprene swim cap orange side view
    Swim Research is the swim focused range from C-Skins. Built on their 40+ year heritage in developing wetsuits and neoprene accessories. The Freedom 3mm swim cap is a flexible, lightweight neoprene swim cap with great comfort lining.
  • C-Skins Neoprene Wetsuit Repair Kit with Black Witch quick drying neoprene adhesive especially formulated for use on wetsuits to repair punctures, nicks, cuts, etc. 
    This handy kit contains pre-cut single cell neoprene wetsuit repair patches and tape along with the glue for wetsuit repairs.
    If you have had a few scrapes in your wetsuit during the open water swimming season then this wetsuit repair kit is for you.
  • c Skins neoprene beanie for swimming C Skins 2mm Neoprene Neoprene Beanie Orange
    The C-Skins 2mm Neoprene Beanie makes a perfect swimming hat for breaststrokers and tarn dippers and is our favourite all-round cold water wild swimming cap. Works just great as a regular winter beanie too.  
  • C-Skins 2mm Wired Neoprene Glove for swimming C-Skins 2mm Wired Neoprene Gloves Pair
    Made by UK wetsuit company C-Skins, these neoprene gloves originate from the world of surfing where their ethos is to 'get in the water as much as possible', we like that ethos and apply it ourselves to outdoor swimming and these gloves will help you do just that! We have been using these gloves for over 10 years now with no complaints.


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