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Cold Water Swimming Workshop

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Our Cold Water Swimming Workshop is for swimmers wanting to safely push their limits into the world of ice swimming or take their swimming through the winter. We combine Swim the Lakes open water swim guiding expertise with the remarkably effective Wim Hof Method (breathing and cold therapy technique) to give you an insight into effective preparation for your future cold water swimming adventures.

Cold Water Swimming Workshop Date:  Sunday, 9 February 2020. Running from 10:00 – 17:00. 1 space left.

Cost: £130 – includes swims, cold water swimming and Wim Hof Method Instruction, plus lunch.

Swimming Ability: For competent, experienced open water swimmers aiming to increase their cold endurance limits for swimming in cold water through winter. Also perfect for swimmers preparing for an ice mile. Swimming distances will vary depending on the water temperature but time in the water for each swimming session will be between 5-20mins. We plan on having one cold “dip” and two longer swims of 5-20 mins duration. Anticipated water temperatures in the region of 7-10 degrees C.

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Product Description

Our Cold Water Swimming Workshop is for swimmers wanting to safely push their temperature limits into the world of ice swimming or take their swimming through the winter. We combine Swim the Lakes open water swim guiding expertise with the remarkably effective Wim Hof Method of breathing and cold water therapy technique to help you prepare for your future cold water swimming adventures.
The Cold Water Swimming Workshop will help anyone preparing for the Ice Mile challenge as well as individuals who want to safely include cold water swimming into a more vibrant and healthy lifestyle. Book now if you want to feel more alive!

Cold Water Swimming Workshop Itinerary:

Starting at 9am, we will be taking multiple dips and swims in Windermere throughout the day which will include one longer swim,  with length depending on the water temperature. Between practice swims we will be introduced to the Wim Hof Method by an experienced Wim Hof Instructor and  discussing safe and practical approaches to cold water swimming,  including acclimatisation, body awareness, physiology, safe limits and recovery.

Wim Hof also known as the Iceman, is a Dutch extreme athlete noted for his ability to withstand extreme cold, which he attributes to his Wim Hof Method (WHM) breathing techniques. Our Wim Hof trained instructor will share with us the Wim Hof breathing technique of controlled breathing, exhalation and breath retention.

Most swim locations are within a short walking distance of our venue. We may use our own cars to visit alternative swimming locations if weather conditions dictate. We aim to finish by 5pm and a full itinerary will be emailed to you after booking.

Cold Water Swimming Workshop; what’s included?

  • Cold Water Swim guiding, acclimatisation, initiation and instruction
  • Full safety Cover
  • 2 Wim Hof Method Breathing and cold Therapy instructional sessions
  • Hot lunch, hot drinks and snacks.
  • A step into a world that may change your life.

Cold Water Swimming Workshop, Pre-Requisites and Ability Levels:

This is full day workshop is for experienced outdoor swimmers with a reasonable level of swimming fitness. You don’t have to be fast or have perfect technique, but you do need to be very happy in open water. This workshop is designed to build your confidence so that you can safely go out and enjoy winter and cold water swimming,  pushing your own limits (safely) as you go.

We anticipate that this will appeal to swimmers who wish to swim into or through the winter without a wetsuit, you are welcome to wear a wetsuit if you would like too (although we think you’ll get more from the course if you don’t!). We won’t pressure you either way and everyone will be made very welcome.

If you have any serious health issues, in particular heart related conditions or severe asthma, we’ll need you to have a letter from your GP in support of your participation in this Workshop. Your safety and enjoyment of swimming is our primary concern.

14 reviews for Cold Water Swimming Workshop

  1. Catherine Trend

    Thanks to everyone for a brilliant day cold water swimming on Saturday 🙂 . The workshop was really interesting, company wonderful and scenery beautiful 🙂 Catherine Trend

  2. Liz Roe

    Another amazing day with the Swim the Lakes team getting to grips with cold water swimming. Really interesting course with a great mix of learning and doing. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to stay in the water all year round. Liz Roe

  3. Joanna Penney

    We were asked to give some feedback as to what we thought about the course. I can really say it in one word; excellent.

    If I use more words, they are as follows: the day and people involved with the organisation and delivery of the course went beyond my expectations. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly and never once was I med to feel I had to do anything I didn’t feel comfortable to do. The coaches were so nice, professional and discreet and the food was fabulous. I felt in safe professional hands and the introduction to the Wim Hof breathing technique was extraordinary and very interesting.
    I would recommend this course to anyone at any level of their swimming journey. Personally, I learnt so much, had great fun and met some very nice people. I feel motivated and inspired! Thank you all very much indeed.

    Very best wishes, Jo

  4. Cate Murray

    Hello Pete, Emma and all the team and thanks for a brilliant day on Saturday 😊
    We were really well looked after and I had a great time.

    The venue was perfect for the course, being so close to the water and with a good sized room ideal for warming up and having the non swimming part of the workshop and food and drinks.
    I enjoyed the talks, slides and videos – just the right balance of fun and serious. It’s important to mention the dangers so that we can swim safely.
    I found the Wim Hof breathing technique really interesting and exciting – I’d read about it before but never tried the technique. I plan to keep it up at home. Emma was lovely and I really enjoyed doing the breathing with her. If you decide to do other similar workshops or climb snowy mountains in bikinis or whatever, please keep me posted – I’d love to join in 😊
    Best wishes to all,

  5. Emily Christmas

    Hi Pete and team
    I just wanted to say thank you for a great course and experience last Saturday on the cold water course. I found the information and advise invaluable and it will really support me in my cold water swimming. Expert advice from Pete and Emma was really useful for safety and developing knowledge and the techniques taught for breathing and warming up were really useful. I really liked that we got to swim three times and lots of time to meet others. Highly recommend to anyone.
    Emily C

  6. Ines Gniwotta

    This was a fantastic day! Pete and his team are very caring, professional and knowledgeable. I completely agree with the other reviews – the food is delicious, the venue location is ideal, the course content delivered on all the questions I had. Emma has given us an excellent introduction into the Wim Hoff method. I have been practising breathing and cold showers daily every since. Just be warned! Having emerged from a British lake in the cold season just clad in a swim suit does cause a degree of bewilderment for most passers-by, then starting to wave your arms and hands whilst your lower half surrenders to an unflattering, semi squatting positions is surely not the way to make new friends. Unless they have been in the water with you! Because it does warm you up right from the core. Absolutely amazing!
    On the course you can swim with gloves, swim socks, wetsuit or just swim suit – as you please. I opted to wear my swim socks and gloves as I suffer a lot with cold hands and feet. Surprisingly, it was, when I took them off, that I really enjoyed the cold water and emerged feeling amazing. My message would be to use the different swims to experiment with accessories whilst you are in the safe hands of this team. Everyone experiences the cold water in such different ways, that I think it is helpful to try and find what works for you. I certainly feel in a much better position now to continue with cold water swimming safely.
    A big THANK YOU to the whole team!

  7. Helen Sykes

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for holding and running the course on Sunday
    It was really inspiring without being evangelical, supportive without being suffocating or restricting and the near constant supply of drinks and nibbles was excellent! Helen

  8. David Fisher

    Thanks for a great day today! David Fisher

  9. emmapollitt1 (verified owner)

    Hi Pete and all the team, I had the most amazing day on the cold water swimming workshop and would highly recommend it. The atmosphere of the whole day was genuine, friendly, accepting, informative, challenging, exciting and so much more besides. Company great, food delicious, safety crew and swimming guides excellent, Wimm Hoff instruction was fascinating and led brilliantly. Putting cold water swimming and this method together is fascinating and works amazingly well. We were given plenty opportunities to swim in Windermere and to put into practice the method and it worked!!! Thank you , it was a wonderful day and I look forward to doing more swims with Swim the Lakes Emma Pollitt.(emswim)

  10. Swim the Lakes

    Hi Pete, Thank you for your email and thank you for a fantastic day on Sunday. It was such a fun and informative day and I will definitely join you again. Lastly, can I have the recipe for the stew – it was delicious! Thanks again!

  11. Swim the Lakes

    …I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for a brilliant day! The sessions were really useful, the swims were fab, everyone was so friendly & the cake was just delicious. The water has always been my go to place over the years to help me cope with everything but there is something about cold water swimming that really resonates with me and now, after the workshop, I feel I can pursue this further and safely so thank you so much!
    Best wishes
    Julie x

  12. Swim the Lakes

    thank you to you and your crew for a fantastic day I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.
    I was definitely inspired and have managed to do a few breathing exercises and hopefully off for a quick dip this afternoon.
    Looking forward to more swimming in the Lakes soon!!!
    Best wishes. Chris

  13. Swim the Lakes

    Just a quick ‘thank you’ to you and all your team for yet another really wonderful day of swimming, learning and fun and all with the knowledge that I was completely safe. Thank you and for all the support and help so that when I did push myself further than I ever have before in cold water, I was so well looked after and recovered fully.
    What a super day I have had. Thank you.
    Kind regards

  14. Nina Hart

    I just completed the Cold Water Workshop on Sunday in Ambleside and I have to thank you because it was amazing. You helped me to feel more confident about getting into open water and I’ve already made plans to go for a swim in the peak district this weekend with my friend who was also on the workshop!… Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for some of your adventure swims next year.
    Warm Regards, Nina

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