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Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float

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Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float


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The Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float is a 15L bright tow float to help make you more visible to other water users whilst swimming.

Along with the increased safety, it can be used to store small items whilst swimming. It’s very durable and tough and the big difference from other floats is that its eco-friendly PVC free.

This Billy Eco15 drybag Float is bright, lightweight has optimal streamlining for reduced drag and is designed to be better for the environment.

Product Description

The Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag is a 15L  tow float which has a separate waterproof compartment to the air chamber so you can take your essential items with you in the water e.g. such as keys or spare goggles. Its bright orange to help increase your visibility to other water users.
It’s very easy to use, the float is attached to a short adjustable leash, which threads onto the waist belt.
The Puffin Billy Eco15 is very durable, its resistant to abrasions and very tear and puncture-resistant.

Streamlined Float

The Puffin Billy Eco15 Float has  Optimised Streamlining, which means the float’s shape, the valve position and tow point are all designed to reduce drag. The drybag floats behind the swimmer as they swim and doesn’t interfere with the swimmers’ stroke.

Eco Drybag Tow Float.

Made with Biodegradable TPU which is much more environmentally friendly than PVC, which contains toxic chemicals.
Typically Swim Tow Floats have been made with PVC applied to nylon, the Billy Eco15 is the first float to use TPU and is the first PVC free drybag.

Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float Features:

  • Eco-Friendly PVC-Free Drybag
  • Float and drybag  – so you can take items with you
  • Optimal streamlining – to reduce drag
  • Bright orange to increase safety
  • Tough, very durable and puncture-resistant
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • The adjustable leash is safely attached to the float
  • Materials: Biodegradable TPU and Nylon
  • Dimensions: 60cm. x 29cm
  • Volume: 15L

The Puffin Billy Eco15 Float is perfect for swimmers who want to take some small items with them whilst swimming, either regularly or occasionally. It is great for reducing your impact on the environment.

How to use the Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float

  1. Start with the bag deflated
  2. Place your items in the drybag
  3. Close the top flat and roll the top down a minimum 3 times
  4. Clip the buckles together.
  5. Inflate the drybag using the mouthpiece (twist mouthpiece to open & close)
  6. Once fully inflated close the mouthpiece.
  7. The drybag float is already attached to a short leash, simply thread this onto your waist-belt and fit the adjustable belt around your waist.

NB: We recommend placing electronic items inside a waterproof bag before placing inside the drybag. The Billy Eco15 is not a lifesaving device and is for use by competent swimmers. It is not designed to be continually submerged.

2 reviews for Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float

  1. Naomi Fisher

    Have to tell you all I am loving my new Puffin dry bag tow float so much someone can have my old one off me if they come get it! There is so little drag and it is more dry than my old one and I love it. It’s fab in the sea, rivers and lakes love love love
    Sorry did I say I loved it? 😍 Naomi

  2. Tessa Browning

    After speaking with you yesterday our tow float and swimming cap arrived
    this morning. It arrived this morning, which is astonishing given the
    distance, ready for our daughter to start swimming in our local lakes on
    Sunday. She is very passionate about swimming and has found not being able
    to go very difficult. She is now very happy, and you have enabled us to
    provide her with the opportunity to extend swimming that she has done on
    holiday in to a new regular way to swim.

    Thank you so much! Tessa

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