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Puffin Bubble Pink Tow Float

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Puffin Bubble Pink Tow Float


Puffin Bubble Pink Swim Tow Float

The Puffin Bubble Swim Tow Float is a bright coloured bubble which helps swimmers to be seen when swimming outdoors and makes them more visible to other water users. This is important when swimming outdoors as it helps to keep the swimmer safer. The Bubble float is also useful to hold on to during rest stops.

  • Durable, Bright and lightweight
  • Designed with Optimised Streamlining for reduced drag
  • Swimmers can hold onto the inflated tow float whilst resting

The Puffin Bubble float is easy to use and is recommended to all outdoor swimmers who want to be extra visible in the water to help keep them safer.

Product Description

The Puffin Bubble tow float is a bright and light inflatable tow float. It attaches to the swimmer’s waist with a belt and leash, then floats behind the swimmer above the thighs, whilst swimming.

Easy to use float

The float comes ready with waist belt and leash attached. What we like is that the waist belt and leash are both adjustable so you can adjust where you like the float to sit.

Safer Swimming

The Puffin Bubble Tow Float is brightly coloured to increase the visual safety of the swimmer in a variety of swimming situations, such as solo swims, swimming with groups and adventure swimming. It can be used in all swimming conditions. It also allows shore-based friends and partners to see where you are.

Optimised Streamlining

Optimised Streamlining means the float’s shape, valve position and low tow point attachments are all designed to reduce drag.

Puffin Bubble Tow Float Features:

  • Brightly coloured to make the swimmer easier to spot
  • Ideal to hold onto whilst taking a rest in the water
  • Designed with optimised streamlining to reduce drag
  • Easy twist open/ close valve
  • Portable, can be easily deflated for carrying around
  • Available in bright pink or orange here
  • Volume: 15L


Instructions for using the Puffin Bubble 15 Swim Tow Float

  1. Twist airflow valve to open and blow in to inflate the float. Twist valve to close.
  2. Thread the float’s leash onto the waist-belt.
  3. Clip the waistband around your waist and away you go.

Top Tip: Tie a Swim Safety Whistle to your dry bag float, they are very useful for communication with others and in emergency situations.

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