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Swim Secure Donut Tow Float

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Swim Secure Donut Tow Float


The Swim Secure Donut Tow Float is a bright orange, lightweight, inflatable that adds visibility to a swimmer. Perfect size for keys, energy drink and a pair of flip flops.

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The Swim Secure Donut Tow Float or Donut swim float is a bright orange, lightweight, inflatable device with a built-in dry bag in the middle that floats behind a swimmer, attached by a nifty waist belt.
The bright orange swim tow float follows the swimmer making them more visible to other water users such as boats & fellow swimmers.

A swimmer can use the float to rest on whilst in the water and get access to items they have stored inside, such as snacks or drink.
Place your items inside the float after you have inflated it. Roll the closure down and you are ready to swim. If you need access to your items whilst swimming, simply stop and undo your donut’s dry bag. The items will stay close to hand whilst you swim.

For added security always place electronic equipment in a waterproof phone case before placing in the float.
Top Tip: Tie a Swim Safety Whistle to your tow float, they are very useful for signalling and communicating with others.
Swim Secure Donut Tow Float Features:
  • Dry bag fixed in the centre – great for keeping items dry as you swim
  • Bright orange – increases visibility to other water users
  • Fast Flow valves for quick inflation
  • Deflates easily for travel
  • Adjustable waist strap – Easy to use and wear
The Tow Donut Swim float is ideal for open water swimming, triathletes, training and anyone who wants to remain visible when in open water and have the option to carry some gear.


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