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Swim Secure Tow Float

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Swim Secure Tow Float


The Swim Secure Tow Float also known as a swimming tow float or swim buoy is a bright orange, lightweight, inflatable device that floats behind a swimmer, attached by a nifty waist belt. It increases the visibility of the swimmer to other water users.

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Swims Secure Open Water Swimming Tow Float
The bright orange Swim Secure Tow Float follows the swimmer increasing their visibility to other water users including water craft, fellow swimmers and lifeguards. Towing a swim float is a great confidence booster in open water too.
Fancy a rest during your swim? The Swim Safe float can also be used to float on while resting or adjusting goggles etc.
 Swim Secure Tow Float Features:
  • Rounded shape-  reduces drag whilst swimming
  • Bright orange – increases visibility to other water users
  • Lightweight for minimum drag
  • Fast Flow valves for quick inflation
  • Deflates easily for travel
  • Adjustable waist strap – Easy to use and wear
 Top Tip: Fix a Swim Safety Whistle to your tow float, essential for signalling, communication and emergency situations.
The Swim Secure Tow float is ideal for open water swimming, triathletes, training and anyone who wants to remain visible to others whilst in open water.

1 review for Swim Secure Tow Float

  1. P Kelly

    Essential kit
    Wouldn’t be without my Swim Safe float on the big lakes here in Cumbria. Why compromise on safety?

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